Two weekends of Sinterklaasfestijn at Toverland

In the weekends of 24 & 25 November and 1 & 2 December is Toverland all about festivities surrounding Sinterklaas, called Sinterklaasfestijn. At this event, the good bishop and his magical Pieten pay a visit to Toverland. There are various extra activities, including a Sinterklaas show, a Pepernoten Expedition and a Pietencircus. Also the attractions of indoor theme areas Land van Toos and Wunderwald are open. Tickets can be purchased online at the price of € 14.50 per ticket.

Various festive activities take place at Toverland during this Sinterklaasfestijn. Young visitors can take part in a real Pepernoten Expedition. At the entrance they receive a little jute bag containing six special cards. By matching the right Piet to the right card, they can collect pepernoten and other confectionery. Circuspieten perform the craziest stunts, a DJ-Piet takes care of those happy beats at the Pietendisco and feet will hit the dance floor at the Pieten-dance workshop.

New: Sint’s Got Talent

The Sinterklaas show is full of talent this year. “During a thrilling Sint’s Got Talent show, all Pieten will have prepared their own act”, says David Slob, Director Entertainment. “Only Weet-Niet-Piet has no clue as to what her talent is, until Zangpiet accidentally makes her disappear. Let’s hope it all works out well!” The Sinterklaas show is performed three times a day. After the show there’s a meet & greet with Sinterklaas himself.

Sinterklaasfestijn takes place in the weekends of 24 & 25 November and 1 & 2 December. Toverland is open during these days from 10.00 to 18.00 hours. Visitors can enjoy the attractions at indoor theme areas Land van Toos and Wunderwald. Tickets for this Sinterklaasfestijn are available via Toverland’s website at the price of € 14.50 per ticket, the price at the ticket office is € 18.00 per ticket.

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