Successful premiere for new Toverland Christmas show

Today the premiere of a new Christmas show called A Magical Dream took place at Theme park Toverland under the watchful eye of around 200 people. The show is about a young magician who transforms into his older self and discovers his true magic. The main character is played by the award-winning magician Peter Eggink and his younger version is played by eight boys, from all over the country, who will each take turns in playing the young magician. Today the honour went to Tristan Hack from Ermelo.

“It wasn’t until the show started and the curtain opened, that I saw how many people had come to see the show”, says Tristan. “I was quite nervous, but found it really cool that there was such a large audience. I really enjoyed doing it!” Especially for this premiere, the seven other boys had also been invited and were called onto the stage after which they received a huge applause.

Peter Eggink is also proud of this premiere. “Today we have created real magic.” He has nothing but praise about the boys. “They are all doing fantastic. It’s beautiful to see how those boys are working with passion. It is as if I’m reliving my own childhood.”


A Magical Dream can be seen every day during the Christmas holidays from Saturday 22 December 2018 until Sunday 6 January 2019. The show is performed three times a day and lasts about 20 minutes. The show is part of the Magical Winter Weeks, Toverland’s Christmas event. Three theme areas are open during those weeks: the indoor areas Land van Toos and Wunderwald, and also outdoor area Ithaka, with its spectacular wooden rollercoaster Troy. The entire theme park is shrouded in a magical Christmas atmosphere.

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