Pets visiting the workplace of their owners at Theme park Toverland

Also Theme park Toverland celebrates World Animal Day. Various staff members were allowed to take their pets to work. This special programme consisted of a walk through the theme park and a photo shoot on the roller coaster. A special experience, because Toverland usually doesn't allow pets.

This morning, no less than seven dogs, four chickens and two piglets were waiting together with their owners on the doorstep of Toverland. They were invited to take part in a special World Animal Day programme. After a short introduction, the pets received a tour through Toverland. They also took part in a real photo shoot that took place on bobsleigh ride Maximus’ Blitz Bahn and wooden roller coaster Troy. That delivered some nice images.

Rik van Didden, Catering manager and owner of Jack Russell Juul: “It was fun to take part. Compared to the German Shepherd and the Great Dane, was Juul the smallest dog, but he definitely had the loudest bark. Remarkably, Juul liked the park – namely the water – more than the attractions. He hasn't got that from me.”

Pets, except guide dogs and assistance dogs, are normally not allowed to enter Toverland. Last winter we also made an exception for the Belgian society Search And Rescue-K9. This society trained their rescue dogs in an enclosed area of the park for unexpected situations.

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