The 3 new scare zones during Halloween

This year, the most terrifying Halloween edition ever will take place in Toverland. With three new horrifying theme zones, the number of scare zones has now reached a total of eight. In our new zones Villa Phobia, Screaming Swamp and Defeated we shall put the nerves of our visitors to the test.

All scare zones have their own theme, special effects and matching soundtrack. In cakewalk attraction Villa Fiasko, a black widow creates extra obstacles. Visitors who dare to enter her Villa Phobia must be careful not to get caught in her web. After all, the male of this rare spider has already mysteriously disappeared.
Not only will the Greek zombie warriors return to DesTroy. Also those who were beaten and went missing during the Trojan War have now risen from the dead and roam around in our walk-through Defeated, with only one goal: to let visitors undergo their disastrous fate.

Screaming Swamp

Last year we introduced a unique scare zone, whereby visitors had to find their way using a rope while blindfolded and listening to 3D sound effects through headphones. “This scare zone was immensely popular. And that's why we return with this successful concept, but with a terrifying upgrade", says operations manager Benny Steijvers. This year we decided to send our visitors through a boggy swamp. With every step they risk to sink deeper into this swampy jelly. And don't forget the swamp creatures that are creeping around.

Halloween Toverland takes place on 13, 14, 18, 19, 20, 21, 27 and 28 October 2017. Before the real horror starts at 19:00 hours, our visitors will be warmed up during Happy Halloween. During the Halloween event we leave the park open until 23:00 hours. Tickets are available via the Toverland website. More information about Halloween Toverland can be found here.

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