Toverland in search of ice cream for its new lighthouse Solaris

The opening of the largest expansion in the history of Theme park Toverland is getting nearer. In exactly fifty days we will open our new entrance Port Laguna and our new theme area Avalon for visitors. Solaris, a more than 27 metres tall lighthouse, arose this week in Port Laguna. The theme park is currently looking for a matching ice cream sundae that is to be served in the restaurant located at the foot of this eye catcher.

Solaris is Port Laguna’s icon. At the foot of this lighthouse lies a restaurant where our visitors can enjoy homemade ice creams. However, Toverland is still looking for the Solaris ice cream sundae. Catering manager Rik van Didden asks everyone to come up with a magical, original creation. “The ice cream sundae will actually be on our menu this summer. The winner of the Solaris ice cream sundae will of course be the first person to come and taste.” Ideas can be submitted until 18 June 2018. More information can be found on

Discover your own magic

Port Laguna is designed as an idyllic port with azure water, a beach and a boulevard full of activities. Magic is at the heart of this Mediterranean area: with the use of a magic wand, visitors can perform real magic. Along the boulevard called Via Magia, you will find shops, catering outlets, games, a show, magic and the iconic lighthouse Solaris. Visitors can go from here to explore Toverland’s other themed areas.

On Saturday 7 July 2018, Toverland opens besides Port Laguna, also a theme area called Avalon, with its spectacular wing coaster Fēnix and a magical boatride called Merlin’s Quest. This expansion of a whopping 7 hectares involves an investment of approximately 35 million euros. Those who are interested can follow the construction of Port Laguna and Avalon in a making-of-series via Toverland’s YouTube channel.

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