Halloween Nights 2016

Theme park Toverland organises also this year 8 evenings of the popular Halloween Nights. With more scare zones, more terrifying characters and a unique zone where guests are blindfolded, it's going to be an experience that guests won’t forget easily.

More characters than ever

On 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 October a dark curse will spread across Theme park Toverland. From 19.00 until 23.00 hours the park is taken over by all kinds of horrifying creatures. Plus, this edition has more characters than ever. No less than 70 horrifying creatures with only one task: to scare the hell out of all Toverland’s guests. Some of these characters have escaped and roam the park, they can appear from everywhere.


During the Halloween Nights is Toverland divided into eight scare zones, each with its own theme, thrilling music and lighting. This year with four new zones, but all the known zones have received a terrifying upgrade as well.
A unique scare zone of a different kind is Whispering Woods. Guests enter this zone completely blindfolded while wearing a headphone that produces 3D sound effects. The darkness comes as a surprise in this dark, sinister forest. You can’t see a thing and fully rely on your other senses. Did you feel someone running past you? Or was it just your imagination? A unique scare zone that is guaranteed to make its visitors' hair stand up from the back of their necks.

Determine your own fear

Especially for the faint-hearted who have doubts about entering the Halloween Nights we have a magical rescue: The Halloween Magic Wand. If it becomes too much, hold this wand in front of you, ignite the light and……..the monsters will go away.

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