Theme park Toverland introduces ‘Drenched Hour’ on crazy river ride

From Wednesday 24 July are Toverland’s guests able to enjoy an extra cool down at crazy river ride Djengu River. At this water ride they can experience a ‘Drenched Hour’ on days where temperatures rise above 30 degrees. Various waterfalls and water curtains heavier than normal are there for daredevils to brave between 15:00 and 16:00 hours. Staff members are also lurking carrying water pistols. Toverland remains open until 23:00 hours during its Midsummer Evenings event, which means that visitors can also enjoy the theme park during the cooler evening hours until 17 August.

“Every day, our guests are able to cool down by using our various water rides and water play areas”, says Teun Dielesen, Operational Director. “But with these tropical temperatures we want to offer our guests a little bit extra at Djengu River. During the Drenched Hour a water curtain across the entire width of the ride remains switched on, whereas normally it switches off every time a boat approaches. There are also enthusiastic staff members with water pistols alongside the water ride to splash passengers.”

Biggest shower of the Netherlands

An enormous waterfall is located at the exit of Djengu River, which Toverland has renamed for the occasion as the ‘Biggest shower of the Netherlands’. If you haven’t cooled down enough after a ride on Djengu River, you are invited to step underneath this waterfall. More refreshing tips can be found on Toverland’s website.

Midsummer Evenings

Until 17 August the magical Midsummer Evenings take place every Wednesday and Saturday at Toverland. During this summery event extra shows, live entertainment and special characters can be seen across all six theme areas from 17:00 hours. Toverland remains open during the Midsummer Evenings until 23:00 hours. The evenings end with a spectacular fireworks display. The Drenched Hour takes place in the coming period when temperatures are 30 degrees or higher from 15:00 to 16:00 hours at crazy river ride Djengu River.


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