The start of the Magical Winter Weeks

It is Christmas at Theme park Toverland. Especially for the Magical Winter Weeks, we decorate the park with more than one hundred fir trees and countless lights. Our visitors are also able to enjoy extra entertainment and wintery shows. Besides the attractions in our indoor areas Land van Toos and Wunderwald, we also open our attractions in Ithaka. Kissing is allowed, because you'll encounter a huge mistletoe on your way to the wooden roller coaster.

Wintery magic

Lord and Lady Frost are back in Toverland. And this time they organise a large winter ball. This ball needs some necessary preparations: from inviting all the guests to practising the winter walz. We need your help with this musical show.
Outside are visitors able to warm up while enjoying live singing around a winter fire. With marshmallows of course.

Kissing guaranteed

Between the towers of Ithaka hangs a mistletoe measuring more than a metre. If you want to have a ride on the wooden roller coaster Troy, you must pass underneath. A mistletoe is a symbol of peace and love, and is known for a special tradition: when you and your loved one stand underneath a mitstletoe, you must kiss each other.

The Magical Winter Weeks take place from Saturday 23 December 2017 until Sunday 7 January 2018 (no extra entertainment and shows on 31 December 2017 and 1 January 2018). Visitors can enjoy our attractions in Land van Toos, Wunderwald and Ithaka – weather permitted of course. Tickets are available via the Toverland website and are € 15.00 per person, the price at our ticket office is € 21.00 per person. More information about our Magical Winter Weeks can be found here.

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