Challengers wanted for 24-hour roller coaster race in Toverland

Because of its 15 year anniversary Theme park Toverland organises together with Stichting Heppie the Troy Coaster Challenge 2016. Twelve challengers will step into Troy, the fastest, longest and highest wooden roller coaster of the Benelux, for a 24-hour ride on 4 and 5 June and for the purpose of charity. During the Challenge various activities will be organised, including the sales of the remaining seats. The revenue will go to the charity: Stichting Heppie, because every child deserves attention!

Being an unworried child for a day

Stichting Heppie is a charity for vulnerable children in the Netherlands who are socially excluded and alone. Due to poverty, serious problems at home or behavioural issues they don’t have the possibility to join and participate in our society. Heppie shows that a difference can be made by organising holidays and weekends full of relaxation, fun and happiness. A place filled with positive attention, where they can make friends and above all, be a child with no worries. “Every year about 600 children who are camping at Heppie enjoy a free day at Toverland. Some of them can’t believe they are really going, it’s so special for them. A day of hooting with laughter; experiencing exciting things they initially don’t dare to do, but then do it anyway and have fun with each other on the attractions. It gives children a memory they’ll never forget”, says Nina Schmitz, director Stichting Heppie.

Buy a seat and support Heppie

“Besides the 12 Challengers who take on the 24-hour challenge, also visitors are able via to join the challenge for 15 minutes by buying one of the remaining seats of wooden roller coaster Troy. Stichting Heppie welcomes 1800 children every year thanks to donations and the efforts of volunteers. At least the same amount of children are still on the waiting list. With the revenue of the Troy Coaster Challenge more children are able to enjoy an untroubled holiday with Heppie”, says Pieter Huijsmans, Head Marketing Theme park Toverland.

The Troy Coaster Challenge takes place on Saturday 4 June at 12:00 hours until Sunday 5 June at 12:00 hours.

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