Mijnbouwmuseum closed for visitors

Unexpected activity has made us decide to close the Mijnbouwmuseum Sevenum indefinitely.


View the impressive mining collection

Take a look at Mijnmuseum Sevenum

Welcome to Mijnmuseum Sevenum! A place where you can find out everything about the history of mining in the north of Limburg. It’s hard to tell these days, but the landscape here used to be rough and literally invaluable. More than just black gold was mined here, so come and have a look at our rich collection of items. Open your eyes and ears and be tempted by all the props of this remarkable exhibition.

Pop-Up exhibition: Mijndert Müller

Learn all about the miningdirector

Mijndert Müller is a famous character in Limburg and known for his discovery tour down the tunnels of this mining complex. As the story goes, he went down to look for the Magnum Opus, a stone believed to give you eternal life. With only one goal in mind, he disappeared into the dark tunnels never to be seen again, which makes him such a striking character. The temporary exhibition in the central hall of our museum allows you to discover everything about this ambitious miner and his trip in search for a wonderous stone.

✓ Visit the museum on 7, 14 until 16, 18 until 22, 27 until 29 October & 4 November