Kiss & Ride during Halloween

Will you be taken away and picked up?

Kiss & Ride - Detour

Safe pick-up and drop-off

During the Halloween Nights we have set up a special Kiss&Ride zone, so that picking up and dropping off your company is easier and safer! A detour will also be in effect from 9 p.m.

Detour from 21:00 - Coming from the A67? Continue to the N277 (Midden Peelweg) towards Toverland. At the roundabout, take the first exit towards Kleefsedijk. The Kleefsedijk changes into the Steeg at the Gelderdijk intersection. At the T-junction, take the exit to the left onto Helenaveenseweg. Follow this road towards Toverland and take the second exit at the barriers onto Toverlaan. When you leave the Kiss & Ride zone, you turn right on the Helenaveenseweg and you can turn left at the roundabout to drive back to the A67 via the N277.

Here you can see the complete route drawn on the map.

How the Kiss & Ride zone works
A special Kiss & Ride zone has been set up in the parking lot near the Land van Toos, so that you can be dropped off and picked up close by and safely. Then, when you leave the Kiss & Ride zone, you can turn right onto Helenaveenseweg and left again at the roundabout to drive back to the A67 via the N227.

Bicycle and public transport
Are you coming by bike? Then you can make free use of the unguarded bicycle shed near the pedestrian promenade towards our main entrance. You can access these via the public road. When you come by public transport, take into account the current departure and arrival times of (regional) buses and trains.