Look straight in the eyes of your biggest fears

✓ Age guidance 12+ | 18:30 - 23:00 | 8, 15, 22 until 24, 26 until 31 Oct + 5 Nov

When the sun disappears below the horizon and darkness falls, the most terrifying creatures come to life in Toverland. They crawl out of every nook and cranny, so nowhere in the park is safe. Gather all your courage because you’ll need it in our 3 haunted houses, 2 experiences and 5 free scare zones
Celebrate the Mexican feast of the dead, wander along the seabed amongst terrifying crew members or step into an abandoned mansion. A Fear Pass guarantees all-night-horror for a fixed price. Paid experiences included!

Included in your Night

This is part of your Toverland-ticket:

✓ Chilling parade of monsters. 
✓ Frightening night full of scares
✓ Access to 5 terrifying scare zones: Shadows of the Sea, Morgana's Frozen Knights, DesTroy, Cirque (with cakewalk!) and Fiesta de los Muertos. 
✓ Your favourite rollercoasters and crazy river rides in the dark. 
✓ Magical ending featuring a spectacular fireworks display. 


Make your Night even more complete

These paid extras are available for you to choose from:

✓ Visit our thrilling Haunted Experiences (€5.00 or €7.50). 
✓ Eat at our Trick or Eat dinner buffet
✓ Claim an all-in Fear Pass for the ultimate Halloween experience. 


Do you have any questions? We answer them!

Are special Halloween Nights tickets available?

No, we don’t have special tickets that allow access to Halloween Nights only. A Toverland ticket allows you access from 10:00 to 23:00 hours on the days that we organise Halloween Nights. You decide at what time you want to visit.


What is included with my ticket?

When you buy a Toverland ticket, all scare zones are free for you to experience. The Haunted Houses and experiences can be accessed by paying extra. You can either book them separately or buy a Fear Pass which includes access to all paid haunted houses. The Halloween Nights start at 19:00 hours, but a Toverland ticket gives you access to the park all day. 


Can I use my Toverland annual pass to visit the Halloween Nights?

Of course! Use your Toverland annual pass to visit the Halloween Nights as often as you want. Your pass also gives free access to one paid experience. Secure this free visit in the Magic Member-portal.


What is the recommended age for the Halloween Nights?

The recommended age for the Halloween Nights is 12+. Of course it is difficult for Toverland to judge what someone finds scary or exciting. This allows you to decide for yourself how scary you make it during the Halloween Nights. The scare zones and Haunted Experiences feature spiders that judge the 'scary'. You can also use the Halloween wand in the scare zones that will keep the creeps at a safe distance.


What’s included with the Fear Pass?

The Fear Pass offers the following advantages:  
✓ Access to all 5 Haunted Experiences. 
✓ Join the queue whenever you want (no need to book a time slot). 
✓ Access to dinner buffet 'Trick or Eat'. 
✓ Limited edition Fear Pass festival bracelet.

Simply book online via: tickets.toverland.com.


Can I dress up or use make-up?

It is allowed to paint and dress up to 12 years old. Are you older? Then this is not allowed to avoid confusion with scare actors.


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Where can I film?

You are allowed to film your Halloween Night experiences inside the scare zones without flash or (external) light source. This is to prevent ruining the scary atmosphere of the zone. It is NOT allowed to film inside the Haunted Houses or experiences. Filming onrides in our attractions is possible, read here about the dos and don’ts. But remember, our staff members always have the last word. 

✓ Have any doubts, a special request or do you want to team up with us? Mail us at: marketing@toverland.nl.

Where does the Halloween Magic Wand work?

With the Halloween wand you can keep all the creeps at bay in the scare zone. The staff does not work at the Haunted Houses and experiences. You can purchase these at souvenir shop Mundo Magica (Port Laguna) or the Halloween Shop (Land van Toos). You can also purchase these online during the ordering process of your tickets via: tickets.toverland.com/houses.


What time does the Nights program start?

From 6:30 PM, the official Halloween Nights program begins with the parade in Port Laguna. The Haunted Experiences: Maison de la Magie (Port Laguna), The Dollhouse (Wunderwald) and Fear the Woods (Wunderwald) are also offered earlier.


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