Go on a school trip to Toverland!

Experience a unique day together

Here we go! With the whole class to Toverland

Theme park Toverland has it all: from thrilling roller coasters for the real daredevils, to challenging climbing frames for tiny adventurers. We have water rides, slides, a bobsleigh and even a real survival track! No wonder that for many years, Toverland has been the favourite destination for school trips. In a school trip survey of 2018 we received a score of 8.8!

School trip prices

  • Regular price€ 15.00

    24 March until 2 November, except school holidays

    • Chips€ 5.95

      With sauce, snack and Taksi or Capri-Sun drink

    • Chips€ 4.60

      With sauce and a snack

    • Chips€ 2.40

      With sauce

    • Water ice€ 1.00

      A delicious Rocket ice lolly

    • Candy moment€ 1.00

      Choice from crisps, X-pop or candy bar

    • Refreshments voucher€ 2.20

      Hot drinks for supervisors

    A magical day for everyone

    A magical day for everyone

    Imagine: all of you on a bus to Toverland, where all kinds of magical adventures are waiting for you. At theme park Toverland, the whole school will have a day of fun. Thanks to the clear layout of the park a school trip to Toverland is also for teachers and supervisors a great success!

    Direct booking

    That's why you go on a school trip to Toverland

    That's why you go on a school trip to Toverland

    • Fun for all ages
    • Safe, child friendly and organized
    • Not dependant on weather
    • Picknicking allowed
    • Free parking for buses
    Useful information

    We went on a school trip to Toverland and had a super day! We were very enthusiastic when we arrived. We put our bags down and immediately ran for the attractions. The day went by much too quickly... a true recommendation!

    Experience magical adventures at Toverland

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