Your First Communion/Spring Festival

Celebrate this special day at Toverland

An unforgettable party

Each year in May, thousands of children celebrate their First Communion or Spring Festival. A Communion/Spring Festival of your son or daughter is a special occasion. So why not celebrate this special event at a unique location? An option offered by Theme park Toverland.

Fun for everyone

Fun for everyone

Children can indulge themselves on attractions like Djengu River, Troy and Kids Survival. They can also have endless fun inside the Land van Toos and Wunderwaldd and enjoy the show of Toos Toverhoed.

Personalised First Communion/Spring Festival

Personalised First Communion/Spring Festival

Celebrate your son or daugher's Communion/Spring Festival at Toverland, and turn it into an unforgettable day. Complete your celebration with our special Toverland invitations.

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Communion/Spring Festival prices

  • Admission & Catering€ 37.50

    From 5 paying persons - April, May or June 2019

  • Annual pass holders€ 7.75

    Free admission + Magic box/ hamburger menu

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