Avalon: the next chapter

Expansion 2023 • This is going to happen

Exciting developments

Avalon comes to life even more

Avalon was once again shrouded in mist for a while... ..until now! Because now we can finally tell you what has been in the air for a while. In 2023, several new experiences full of adventure, adrenaline and mysticism await you here. This area will come to life even more, because not all stories have been told about this mysterious area yet.

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4 new attractions for the whole family

What can you expect?

Avalon gets even more magical! With this we are going to make this medieval theme area even richer:

4 new attractions: two large and two small ones
✓Adventurous Water Playground
✓ Colorful toddler playground for the really little ones
✓ Special experience elements full of magic that you should not just pass by.

It is expected that you can discover all new stories from Avalon from mid 2023. Discover below which new attractions you can expect in Avalon!


Flight School of Magic

In the middle of the exciting helix (the tilted bend) of Fēnix you go on a flying adventure. In the airplane mill Pixarus you learn as a student of Merlin what it is like to be able to really fly, while the wingcoaster races past you at high speed. How special is that!? You also decide how often you roll over!


Family Droptower

This is the safe nest for all dragons large and small in the area. Spot them from a spectacular height of 17 meters. If you have the time, that is, because Dragonwatch is not just a vantage point! Before you can quietly look around you, you 'drop' into the depths again.

Garden Tour

Special tour

Wizard Merlin invites you to take a look at his special garden full of magical flowers, plants and scenes. Fun for the whole family, but the kids can also board the Garden Tour independently.

Jumping Juna

Adventure carousel

Take a seat on the back of the cheerful unicorn Juna and the cheerful dragon Sparky in Jumping Juna! Together they celebrate a cheerful costume party and they are only too happy to take you with them. But beware: there is something special going on with this carousel.

''Who are they?''

We discovered two new characters

Nice to meet you, these are dragon Sparky and unicorn Juna! They could be found in Avalon for centuries, but now they dare to show themselves for the first time. One naughty, the other smiling! In the dynamic carousel Jumping Juna you can celebrate a costume party with them.


Bookcases full of stories

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Fog still hangs over Avalon, which will clear at a later date. Because not all stories have been told about this mysterious area. So keep an eye on this page and our socials (e.g. Facebook (Dutch) and Instagram (Dutch)) for the latest updates.