Dietary Requests

Vegetarian or Allergic?

Know where to eat

Whether you want to enjoy a quick snack in between or a long cosy dinner together with friends or family, it’s all possible in Toverland. Do you have an allergy or special (vegetarian) requirements? We can meet all your requests. In order to help you, we’ve created this page so that you can find anything you need to know about our special dietary options.

Vegetarian options

Delicious with your coffee

Start your day with coffee or tea. Lots of coffee snacks are vegetarian by nature. Enjoy: 

  • Colourful donuts 
  • Scrumptious cakes
  • American cookies
  • Fruit Cup (vegan)
Tasty snacking

The snack wall at Waldstube (Wunderwald) is filled with meat free snacks! Delicious for on the go:

  • Vegetarian Spring Roll (snack wall)
  • Vegetarian Cheese Soufflé. (snack wall)
Simply delightful

Relax on one of our sun-drenched terraces in Port Laguna. In need for a vegetarian snack? Try this one: 

  • Vegetarian Vegetable Croquette (sales counter Mañana)
Delicious in between

Try the Spirello, a jolly potato snack-twister on a stick. You can try one with your favourite herbs in these places: 

  • Ithaka (opposite Troy)
  • Magische Vallei (near Dwervelwind)
Cooling down

Nothing beats a delicious ice cream when the weather is nice and sunny. Many places sell prepacked ice cream, but you find vegetarian sorbet ice cream here: 

  • Waldstube (Wunderwald) 
Delicious on the go

A quick delicious snack in between the attractions? Go for a portion of crispy nachos with cheese sauce. This is the place where you can relax in our Tovertuin: 

  • Bosterras (Land van Toos)
A delicious lunch

In need for a substantial lunch? Go for a delicious, vegetarian vegetable burger, a sandwich, salad shaker or our soup of the day (standard without meat balls or meat). 

  • Waldstube (Wunderwald)
  • Katara Plaza (Magische Vallei)
Tasty topping

A real pizza lover? Indulge yourself in Wunderwald and order the vegetarian Pizza Margherita. The Turkish Pizza (also halal) and our Pasta Carbonara are also vegetarian. 

  • Waldstube (Wunderwald)
  • Katara Plaza (Magische Vallei)
Cosy dining

A long cosy dinner together? Take a seat and enjoy the views across Avalon. Place your vegetarian order at à la carte restaurant The Flaming Feather. Here are some of the options:

  • Vegetarian Curry
  • Cherry Tomato Soup
  • Burratta Caprese


Gluten free
Are you allergic to gluten? Then we have snacks for you too. There are gluten free deep fry snacks available at takeaways: Mañana (Port Laguna), Katara Plaza (Magische Vallei) and Waldstube (Wunderwald). A special deep frying process takes place in our kitchen where snacks are fried separately from other orders. This allows us to ensure a responsible, entirely gluten free snack. Time for a toastie? Then visit Waldstube, because they can also be ordered gluten free. 

Milk free
You want to cool down with an ice cream, but you don’t eat or drink dairy? Then enjoy the delicious sorbet ice cream available in various flavours at Waldstube or Solaris (Port Laguna). Spread across the entire park are places where we sell a variety of ice lollies, like the low-calorie Lipton Ice Tea Green-ice lolly. Rather have something warm? Then go for a lactose free toastie at Waldstube. 

Do you eat vegan? Then there are various options available at Toverland, because we like to think along with you. We have a vegan option for our sandwiches including those with humus, salad shakers and fruit cups. Ask for the possibilities at food courts Waldstube and Katara Plaza.



Special requests at The Flaming Feather

Special requests at The Flaming Feather

Do you want us to meet your requirements? Then visit our à la carte restaurant The Flaming Feather in Avalon for a Burgundian lunch or dinner under the starry sky. Besides various vegetarian meals, like the curry and cherry tomato soup, we also like to think along with you about other options in case of an allergy or a special dietary requirement. So please inform with our catering staff when you place your order.

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