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Update September 20, 2021
From Saturday 25 September, the corona measures in the Netherlands will be adjusted. It is then still possible to visit Toverland without a corona ticket. For service restaurant The Flaming Feather it is necessary to show a corona ticket. Everyone can use the takeaway catering. The one and a half meters away in the entire park will also be canceled.

The current answers on this page are valid for a visit to Toverland up to and including September 24, 2021.

Do I have to make a reservation in advance?
We work with a maximum visitor-capacity per day, so we need to know how many guests are in the park. Everyone visiting Toverland (including subscriptionholders) must have a reservation, in addition to valid tickets. There are three possibilities:

1. When you buy tickets via, you can immediately select the day of your visit. You can view our opening hours on the calendar.
2. Do you have a Toverland subscription? Then you also need to reserve your spot. This can be done through You can have óne active reservation at a time.
3. Do you have a non-dated ticket (like a flex ticket or promotion ticket), or do you buy your ticket upon arrival (for example because it is a 60+ or disability ticket)? Then we also ask you to make a reservation via

Do I have to get tested beforehand?
There is no need to get tested beforehand. Of course it is important that you have corona-related complaints during your visit to Toverland.

Where should I wear a face mask?
We follow the national mouth cap policy. It is not mandatory in Toverland to wear a mouth cap. If you like this yourself, that is of course allowed.

Are the catering locations open?
Yes, during your visit various catering locations are open for picking up food and drinks. The corresponding outdoor terraces are open, which you can use. It is not necessary to make a reservation for this. Download the Toverland app to see which catering points are open. View all measures of the Safe Together Out protocol.

Is The Flaming Feather service restaurant open?
The Flaming Feather is also open, check the Toverland-app for current opening times. Here we serve you remotely at the table. Pre-booking is not possible, please report to the host in front of the restaurant. This will allocate you an available seat, outside or inside the restaurant.

Are the souvenir shops open?
Yes, several souvenir shops are open during your visit. A limited number of guests can enter at the same time, this is also indicated on the outside of the store (s). View all measures of the Safe Together Out protocol.

What measures do you take to ensure a safe visit?
Thanks to the 'Safe Together Out' procotol, you can enjoy a safe, responsible and enchanting day out in Toverland. For example, we work with distance markers in the queues and disinfection pumps at the entrance of attractions, restaurants and souvenir shops. View all measures of the Safe Together Out-protocol.

What are the adjusted measures for guests with a disability?
Due to the measures taken from the 'Safe Together Out' protocol, our disabled and wheelchair policy looks different than you are used to. The major adjustments are:

  • Not all attractions are accessible
  • Employees cannot support boarding or alighting. If you cannot get in and out independently, it is necessary to take a supervisor more.