By car to Toverland

Are you coming to Toverland by car or will you be brought? Then it is useful to know a few things. We are happy to inform you about them below! 

Toverlaan 2 - 5975 MR Sevenum


Parking at Toverland

Have a good trip on it? Park your car in the Toverland parking lot! You can buy a parking ticket both online and in the park (ticket machines before the main entrance and Guest Services) for €10. This rate applies to all motorized vehicles using our parking lot.  

  • If you have a European Disabled Parking Permit, you can park closer. Then follow the directions of the parking attendants. 
  • Do you have an electric car? Use our 20 charging stations. Just follow the signs.
Do you drive electric?

Charging points

Do you drive an electric car? Charge your car during your visit to Toverland at one of the 20 (paid) charging stations. Bring your own charging cable for this. 

Good to know:  - All charge cards can be used
- The charging stations are not fast charging stations (geared to average visitor duration)

Bicycle parking

Are you coming to Toverland by bicycle? Then you can park it free of charge in the unguarded bicycle parking area, at the level of the Walkway towards the entrance in Port Laguna. You can approach it from the public road.

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