Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Are you coming to Toverland and do you have questions about your visit? Check if we have already answered you below!


What is the entrance fee for Toverland?

Our tickets prices vary, depending on the offer and opening times. View all our entrance prices here. You can buy tickets with a discount through our online ticket shop.


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Do I have to print my (parking) tickets?

There is no need to print your tickets. We can scan park tickets and parking tickets directly from your phone. Scannen Sie die ursprüngliche PDF-Datei ein und erstellen Sie keinen Druckbildschirm davon.

✓ To make the scanning process run smoothly, make sure you have your digital tickets ready in advance and that the brightness of your phone is set to its highest setting. 


Where can I buy a parking ticket?

Parking tickets can be purchased online at:, at the Guest Service or at the ticketmachines on the entrance square. 

✓ urchase your parking tickets at the beginning of the day, to avoid crowds at the end of the day. You can scan these physical parking tickets or the PDF-file at the gate. 



Where and when can I purchase a subscription?

You can purchase a subscription in two ways: 

Easily create an account online and use it to arrange your subscription(s).
Guest Service
To the left of the main entrance you will find the Guest Service Desk. There it is physically possible to purchase a season ticket. This can be done until half an hour before the amusement park closes.

✓ Been to Toverland? Exchange your entrance ticket on the day of your visit for a season ticket and receive your day ticket back. 


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What advantages do I have as a subscriber?

As a Magic Member you benefit from various benefits, such as discounts on souvenirs, food and drinks during your visit. You also get exclusive access to specific park events and receive discounts at various partner parks! View all current subscription benefits.


Can you go to 'special days' for free with a subscription?

Your subscription is also valid during park activities (within the regular park opening), for example also during the summer-season.


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Practical information

What are the opening times of the park?

What are the opening times of the park?
You can find the opening times of  Toverland in the calendar.


Does the car park have charging stations for electric cars?

Toverland's parking lot has 20 charging stations for electric cars. Follow the signs or directions from our staff to get to the location. 

- All charging cards can be used
- These are not fast charging stations (capacity tailored to the average duration of a day's visit)


Can attractions be closed during my visit?

It is possible that one or more attractions may be closed during your visit. When it comes to scheduled maintenance or an extended period, we always mention the attraction(s) in our opening hours calendar

Also on a daily basis it may happen that an attraction is (temporarily) closed due to weather or other (external) factors. In that case, you will find the current opening hours of the attractions in the free Toverland app.

Are buggies or carts available?

It is not possible to rent buggies or carts at Toverland. It is of course possible to bring your own buggy or wagon. 

✓ Bring a (chain)lock, so that you can secure the car when visiting the attractions.


Where can I pay by card?

It is possible to pay by card at the ticket booths, all catering points and souvenir shops. If you want to withdraw cash, please report to the information desk at the entrance.


Are lockers available?

You can make unlimited use of the lockers in Port Laguna (on the left when entering) and the Land van Toos (close to the Sim sa la Klim) for € 2 per day.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed in Toverland. Visiting Toverland with guide- or assistancedogs is possible.

Is there a room where I can pump?

It is possible to pump in the first aid room. Please ask for the possibilities at the entrance. The milk may then be kept in the refrigerator in the first aid room. When there is a first aid case, this person has priority.

Is smoking allowed in Toverland?

Toverland is predominantly smoke-free. Only in the 7 smoking zones, spread throughout the park, is smoking allowed. This applies to all forms of smoking, including e-cigarettes and vapes. With this, Toverland supports the Smokefree Generation initiative to help children grow up smoke-free.

I am in the park and I have lost my child(ren), what should I do?

Please report this at one of the food- or souvenirlocations or speak to a Toverland-employee. You can also contact the general Toverland number: 077 467 7050.

I lost something in the park, what should I do?

Are you in the park? Visit the Guest Service and ask if what you are looking for is in the lost-and-found-items.
Are you no longer in the park? Mail to:

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Guests with disabilities

Which attractions are accessible?

Almost all attractions are accessible for disabled visitors. In many cases it is possible to reach the station via a special wheelchair entrance or lift (Dwervelwind, Djengu River and Maximus' Blitz Bahn). Some attractions, such as the Kletterparcours, are not accessible. View here for each attraction if you can or cannot visit and what you should take into account.

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Can I rent a wheelchair?

Yes, that is possible! The number of wheelchairs is limited, so please contact us by phone in time before your visit.

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Can I use the wheelchair entrance?

If you cannot visit the regular queue, you can use the special (wheelchair) entrances at the attractions. For this you can fill in a form online or at Guest Service, after which you will receive a wristband. This allows employees at the station to see to what extent you need help. Read more about our policy here.


More about accessibility

Are all paths, toilets and facilities accessible?

Almost the entire park is accessible for visitors with disabilities and wheelchair users. There are some exceptions in the Magic Valley, where you have some stairs. The usual paths to move from area to area are accessible. In many places in the park you will find special wheelchair toilets or care areas near the toilets, except in Ithaka. It is also possible to care for a person lying down. In the souvenir shops Trojan Treasures at Troy and the Maximus 'Blitz Punkt at the Maximus' Blitz Bahn, there is less freedom of movement due to the small surface.


Can I use the auti-pass?

On presentation of the autipass you will receive a discount at the ticketoffice, on tickets from 140cm, for the person who owns the autipass. If you experience that the queues at certain attractions are too long, please report at the entrance with a statement (from the doctor, doctor or psychologist) stating that waiting is not possible and proof of identity. We will examine whether anything can be done to make your visit more pleasant.

Can I use the special wheelchair or disabled parking spaces?

If you want to use these special parking spaces, we ask for a European Disabled Parking Card. This is because it concerns a limited number of available places. These parking spaces are located closer to the entrance of the park, so that the (walking) distance is limited.

Guests with disabilities

Accessibility attractions

Is there a minimum and / or maximum length for certain attractions?

There is a minimum height for most attractions. View this overview to see what children can visit without or with supervision. Tip: download the Toverland app, you can see the accessibility requirements for each attraction. You can also find this on the signage before you visit an attraction.


Accessibility attractions

Which attractions can you visit while you are pregnant?

For safety reasons, not all attractions are accessible to pregnant women. Some attractions are not recommended. View this overview or the signage for the attraction. Because you cannot use all attractions, you can take advantage of a reduced rate.

Food & drinks

Where can I eat gluten-free in the park?

We always have gluten-free products in stock. Ask one of our catering staff about the possibilities.

Where can I heat up baby food?

Ask one of the catering locations for the possibilities. Our employees are happy to help you.


Where can I return my deposit bottles and cups?

In Toverland, we work with reusable deposit cups. We do this in the context of sustainability and following stricter legislation. The deposit is € 1.50 per cup. After use, you can hand in your cup at the following locations: hospitality points, souvenir stores and the Guest Service. You will then receive a refund of the deposit.

PET bottles with a deposit (€0.15 per bottle) can be returned in two ways: 
- Deposit your PET bottle in one of the donation bins (scattered throughout the park) and support charity. 
- Return your bottle to the bottle vending machine in the Wunderwald, next to indoor-funhouse Villa Fiasko, and receive a receipt. With this you can receive your deposit at various catering outlets.

Where can I put my bottles in?

You can return your bottles with a deposit in two ways.
- Deposit your petfes in one of the donation bins (distributed throughout the park) and support the good cause.
- Hand in your bottle at the bottle vending machine in the Wunderwald, next to the indoor funhouse Villa Fiasko, and receive a receipt. You can use this to receive your deposit at various catering points.



I bought a souvenir, but it is broken or damaged. What should I do?

Contact us via: FacebookTwitter or send an email to Indicate clearly which product it concerns via a private message or email, send a photo of the product (to show any damage) and photograph or scan the receipt (which shows a purchase date). Do you no longer have a receipt? Then a bank statement is also sufficient.


Complaints or comments

I have a complaint / comment. Where can I report this?

You can contact us in various ways:, and Facebook. Please send us a private message, we will respond to your message as soon as possible.

Multimedia and requests

Is it possible to make an onride in an attraction?

It is possible to make an onride yourself in almost all attractions in Toverland. See for yourself what is possible for each attraction and download the Onrides-PDF! For commercial recordings, please contact the Marketing department via:


Can Toverland sponsor my organization or charity?

Every year, Toverland makes an effort for various organizations and charities that aim to give children a carefree day. For example, we support Make a Wish and Villa Pardoes. As a result, in many cases it is not possible to respond to other (personal) sponsor requests.


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