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Time to celebrate, your organisation exists 5, 20, 50 or maybe even 100 years! Something you really want to share with your guests. But organising an event like this requires quite a lot of planning. Who are you going to invite? At which venue are you going to celebrate your anniversary? Will it be an evening party? And perhaps the most important question: how are you going to organise all of this? Theme park Toverland can help you with a few tips and examples.


IBN Enchants

IBN Enchants

An anniversary is a very special milestone

A clear, unique objective lies at the heart of a successful event. IBN cooperated with Marquis events and by using an objective, target group and other demands, decided to choose Toverland as a location for their corporate event. The objective for this particular event was to introduce the new CEO in a spectacular way. Pillars like appreciation, togetherness and pride had to be emphasised. 

For the first time in our history, we closed our doors for regular guests in order to let our customer's guests enjoy exclusive access to our park. Organising this event was also for us a special project.

Sandra van Groenestijn - Manager Corporate Communicatie & Marketing IBN

"The unbridled efforts of all our contacts at Toverland, the sincere interest in our company, the willingness to perform at their best: all of this made the entire planning such a joy."

Flex 20 years

Flex 20 years

Let us take away your worries

The 20th anniversary of Flex had to be an unforgettable event for our staff. Out of four options we chose Toverland, because they took all of our worries away during the organisation process. One of the advantages, also from a cost perspective, of organising a corporate event in a theme park, is that a lot of the important elements and facilities, like experience, decoration, parking, catering outlets, drinks, attractions and entertainment are already there. The location of your event represents the image and experience you want to communicate to your guests.

Marlies van Nunen - Executive Assistant at Flex

"The entire organisation of our event was done for me by a professional team, that came up with a highly detailed plan which was carried-out professionally."

Are you also on the eve of a company anniversary?

We would love to help you! Together we explore step by step how your anniversary can turn into a magical experience.

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