The original unveiling of a logo

and successful staff party at Toverland

Berden Mode, Wonen & meer

Marleen and I went to an info night at Toverland on 25 January on behalf of Berden Mode & Wonen, with the upcoming staff party in the back of our heads. We were immediately charmed by the Magische Medina in Land van Toos. A location which was at the time in the middle of a renovation. But we had a sneak peak through the gates and knew right away that this was the ultimate location.

An enchantment

An enchantment

Especially the enchanting decoration with lovely coves where you can sit down, caught our interest. Once we had discussed this with our management, we made an appointment with Jeanine Teeuwen. A lot of planning needed to be done, but we did it! Our event started with a fireshow. We also had balloons in the colour "Berden"-green, so that our guests knew where to go. Our guests could have their pictures taken at the entrance with a singing photographer, and were welcomed by our management who were waiting for them with welcome drinks. The fireshow continued for a while indoors to reinforce the unveiling of our new logo after which the party started. With the band Universe and DJ Bram, we blew the roof of!

Anny en Marleen - Activities committee Berden Mode, Wonen & meer

Everyone enjoyed a magical party and the evening was over far too quickly.

A wonderful end

Everyone enjoyed a magical party and the evening was over far too quickly. Afterwards, our staff received a lovely goodiebag and the buses where waiting for them outside. Everyone returned home safely to Blerick, Heerlen, Roermond, Sittard, Uden, Veghel and Varsseveld. A huge planning, but everything ran smoothly and we're able to look back on a fantastic party.

Activities committee Berden Mode, Wonen & meer.
Anny en Marleen 

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