Trend: day events with family to create more loyalty and involvement

More and more organisations choose to organise a corporate event at daytime. So no standard evening party or a drink after work, but a family day, revolving around experience, organised in detail for staff and their relations. The main reason for the increase in popularity is that many employers want to increase the involvement in their organisation. But there's also another reason, namely: a busy private diary of staff and customers.

Especially nowadays, a time where mutual loyalty and trust is so important, are day events a clever and good way of creating togetherness. Because when you as employer choose to organise an event during daytime, it is the opportunity to invite the family as well. Welcoming your staff's family at your corporate party is a fantastic gesture which gives your staff and customers a very special feeling. It is the ultimate chance to build a solid and loyal relationship with each other.

Added value of a daytime event

Added value of a daytime event

Every year, Theme park Toverland organises more than 150 corporate events, varying from 20 to 5000 guests. Our themed indoor and outdoor locations and of course the many attractions and facilities, makes us the ideal place for day events. But what exactly is the added value of organising an event during the day?

The main reason is the wish of many organisations to create more involvement and bonding amongst their staff and relations. During a day event, staff can meet each other outside the work floor. People get to know each other at a more personal level which increases mutual involvement. This ensures a solid foundation for your staff's involvement with your company.

The solution for busy diaries

Lekker met zijn alle naar Toverland. Een uitje voor alle leeftijden.

The solution for busy diaries

Planning a corporate event is often difficult because of busy private diaries. Often we prefer to use the little spare time we've got to spend with our families. This is exactly where a great opportunity lies! More and more employees solve this problem by involving the family with their event. The choice for a theme park is obvious because of the eperience, many facilities and safety.

"Creating magical moments of happiness, that's what it's about. Especially when organising corporate events."

Attractie Booster Bike: De Booster Bike is een achtbaan waarbij je niet in normale karretjes zit, maar rondscheurt op een stoere motor

With a hugely varied offer of more than 30 attractions, we can create events at Toverland that are fun for the entire family. We're one of the youngest and fastest growing theme parks in the Benelux, and this year we've invested in a huge expansion involving the opening of a new theme area which includes a gigantic Wing Coaster (with seats on either side of the track to create a unique flying experience) and a magical boatride for the whole family. The park becomes one-and-a-half times bigger.

Creating magical moments of happiness, that's what it's all about. Especially when organising corporate events. It is possible after a personal reception to create a joint corporate moment, for example during a lunch or barbecue, but there's also plenty of room for your staff to explore the park individually. The compact character of our park ensures that you don't loose complete sight of each other and people can meet and talk at various times during the day. A trip on a wooden rollercoaster or crazy river attraction is a different way to get to know each other.

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