A Safe Day Out Together

Together we ensure a magical and safe day

Safe Together Out

In the context of the corona virus, Amusement Park Toverland works with a limited maximum capacity. For this reason, the purchase or reservation of an entrance ticket for the date of your visit is mandatory for every visitor.






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This is how we ensure a magical and safe day out together:

1.5-m distance

Keep 1.5 meters away from other guests and employees





Private household

Visit Toverland alone or with your own household






Common cold complaints

Stay at home if you or someone in your household has a cold (such as a cold, runny nose, sore throat, mild cough, or increase) or fever





Extra hygiene

Wash your hands regularly and use the available disinfection points





Buy by pin

Pay by PIN as much as possible.


Follow the instructions of our staff at all times.

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Attractions guidelines

Seats are allocated

It is currently not possible to choose your own seat. Seats are assigned to you by our staff.





Only experience the attraction

Only enter a queue if you really want to experience an attraction. It is not possible to leave a queue due to the 1.5 metre distance rule.





Close the brackets yourself

You are responsible for closing your own safety bars, chains and other closures. If necessary, lock the bar of the person(s) you are with first, then your own. Our staff currently checks from a safe distance and cannot assist you. If you are unable to close your own safety bar it unfortunately means that you cannot use the attraction.

Measure length by distance

Also height measurements happen from a distance. The visitor himself must take place underneath the measuring bar. In case of doubt it unfortunately means that the visitor cannot use the attraction. The decision of our staff member prevails.





Playground equipment guidelines


Play equipment is only accessible for children up to the age of 18.



Supervision next to the play equipment is permitted for 1 supervisor per group.

Temporarily restricted

Access to play equipment can be temporarily restricted if it is very busy.

Catering guidelines

Find a seat

Find a seat with your group first.





1 person enter the queue

Only 1 person per group is allowed to enter the queue.





Pick up with buzzer

Only collect your order when your received buzzer sounds. Do not wait at the collection point.






Do not move the furniture.





Clean tables

Only take a seat at tables cleaned by employees





Souvenir Shops Guidelines

Maximum number of visitors

A maximum number of visitors is allowed to enter per shop. The number is shown on-site. Larger shops may only be entered when carrying a shopping basket.





Walking paths guidelines

One-way traffic

Some walking paths are one-way only. This is indicated using signs.





Indoor capacity

Toverland's indoor capacity is limited. In bad weather and / or rain, access to covered areas can be limited temporarily.





Other questions?

Do you want to come to Toverland, but do you have any questions for us regarding our measures? View our FAQ with all the answers.






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