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Do you also look back on a magical day in Toverland full of happy moments? Then let's hear from you and send us your most special, funny, loving or happy moment. It will make us very happy! A photo, a video? It doesn't matter, as long as it puts a smile on your face. You also have a chance to win 4 tickets if you send in images! Then, of course, you can have new magical experiences of happiness.

✓ When you submit your images, you agree that your photo and/or video may be used and published by Toverland for printed or digital means.

✓ If we use your submitted photo and/or video, you will receive 4 tickets for Toverland. We will contact you in that case.

✓ Among all entries we will also raffle off 4 tickets once a month, regardless of whether the images are used.

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