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Toverland is open again. What do I have to take into account?
Your day at Toverland will look a bit different than you're used to, but it will be just as magical again. It is good to take into account the following:

Custom measures
We have taken various measures to guarantee you a safe visit.
View all measures: protocol Safe Together Off

Book your tickets online
Because we work on a daily basis with a maximum visitor capacity, in order to be able to guarantee the 1.5 meter measure, for example, it is necessary to reserve your visiting day online. Book your visit day via our Ticket page. Do you have questions about your reservation or how to make a reservation? Scroll down for more information.

How does Toverland ensure a safe visit?
To ensure that a visit to Toverland runs in a safe and responsible manner, we have drawn up the protocol 'A Safe Day Out Together' together with the Club van Elf, the trade association for the largest day attractions in the Netherlands. This protocol offers 3 guarantees:

  1. We provide 1.5 meters between households.
    We do this by allowing a limited number of guests at a time, appropriate for the location in question. Toverland is no less than 30 hectares. The safety of guests and our employees is always paramount.
  2. We provide sufficient and clear information.
    Understandable instructions and signage ensure that everyone can follow the measures. The employees are also well trained and notify guests of the agreements.
  3. We provide extra hygiene measures.
    Additional hygiene measures are taken in the form of disinfection points and more frequent cleaning of important contact points, such as the roller coaster brackets and door handles.

    Other additional measures
    We also apply different rules to our playgrounds, toilets, catering locations and souvenir shops. It is advisable to read it before your visit. View all measures: protocol 'Safe Together Off'.
  • The following points are also important:
  • Visit Toverland only if everyone in your party is free of complaints.
  • Visit Toverland with your household.
  • We ask you to come as much as possible with your own transport to relieve public transport.


1) Who must make a reservation?
2) How do I make a reservation?
3) I already have tickets, how do I book?

When do you need to make a reservation?
Anyone visiting Toverland must make a reservation online. Because we work with a maximum visitor capacity per day, it is necessary that you reserve your day. This means that we know exactly how many guests we can still admit and can continue to guarantee our measures.

Where can I reserve my tickets?
You can reserve your tickets via our webshop: and reserve your desired day of visit.

Something went wrong with my tickets or I cannot order them. What should I do?
You can get in touch with Global Ticket via the Whatsapp chat function at: or send an email with a clear description of your request to:

Previously, birthdays were free. Is that still the case?
Yes, birthdays can still visit Toverland for free on their birthday, upon presentation of a valid photo ID. Previously, you can go directly to the ticket control, but now it is also necessary to make a reservation and purchase a ticket online through our Ticketshop. Of course this ticket is still free. Was it your birthday when Toverland was closed? Then it is not possible to retroactively use this promotion.

Tickets already bought or received

I still have tickets (with a valid date) what should I do?
If the validity of your tickets has (almost) expired, such as with Pre-season tickets or representation cards, they can still be used until 10 July. Here too it is necessary to make a reservation.
Do that via:

How do I make a reservation with an existing ticket?
Booking is easy. Select your amount of tickets, enter the barcodes of the tickets and choose a desired date. You will receive a booking confirmation at your entered email address.

Please note: take this reservation confirmation and the original ticket with you to the ticket control. Only these two pieces of evidence give you access to the park. There is a limited capacity, so it is possible that the maximum number of guests has already been reached on your desired visit day.

I am unable to make a reservation, what should I do?
If, for whatever reason, you cannot make a reservation for a visiting day, please email: To help you as quickly as possible, we ask for a photo or scan of the tickets (on which the barcodes are clearly visible). Our employees are happy to look with you!


For all measures, see the procedure: A Safe Day Out Together 

Are all attractions and worlds open?
We strive to open all attractions and worlds. Due to crowds, it is possible that certain attractions, playgrounds or spaces are temporarily closed or closed. We communicate about this via signs in the park. High Adventure Trail Kletterparcours is closed for safety reasons. View our opening hours calendar for updates and select your visiting day.

What is the procedure for closing braces?
As a guest you are responsible for closing the brackets, chains or closures. Children or visitors with a disability can be helped by parents / guardians or other guidance. In view of the 1.5m distance, our employees are unfortunately unable to help. If you cannot close the closure yourself, you will unfortunately not be able to visit the attraction.

Can the luggage racks at the stations be used to store my belongings?
For safety reasons, the luggage bins at the stations are not in use. At attractions where you are not allowed to bring your luggage, you leave your belongings at the station. At several attractions, such as Expedition Zork and Villa Fiasko, it is no longer possible to leave your luggage at the station, it is necessary to take your belongings with you. Our employees will also point this out to you.

Is the Baby Switch still in use?
Due to the measures taken, you cannot currently use the Baby Switch waiting system.

If the queue permits, can I stay seated once?
Due to the safety measures taken, it is not possible to make a second round, even if the queue would allow it. We kindly ask you to go through the queue again.

Who can I sit next to in an attraction?
When you visit Toverland with your household, you can easily sit next to one of your family members. Our employees will assign you a seat.

Wheelchair users

When can I use the special entrances?
You will receive an admission bracelet (blue or orange) if you cannot visit the regular, meandering queue, because of (medical) complaints, or because you are wheelchair-bound or have difficulty walking. Fill in the form online for this, indicating whether or not you need guidance.

  • Orange bracelet: one supervisor is required (18+) in order to use the attractions.
  • Blue bracelet: independent use of attractions (perhaps with one person from the same household. More persons from the same household are allowed at the attractions Djengu River and Merlin's Quest).

Are all your attractions open for disabled persons?

  • whitewater course Expedition Zork
  • water slides Dragon snakes
  • launchcoaster Booster Bike
    Here it is also not possible to enter the attraction via the exit, because of the 1.5 meters distance that we guarantee at each attraction.
  • wooden coaster Troy can be visited when the Trojan Treasures souvenir shop is open. Our employee ensures that you can reach the station in a safe way.

Do staff members still assist you with getting in and out of an attraction? 
Unfortunately the staff members working at our attractions cannot assist you anymore with getting in and out of the attraction because they have to remain at an appropriate distance. If you need help with getting on the attraction, a supervisor is needed. 

How many supervisors are allowed? 
During your visit to the attractions you may bring along a maximum of three supervisors.

I am unable to get on the attraction independently. What should I do? 
In this case you need a supervisor to assist you with getting on and off the attractions.

Also our policy regarding visitors with a disability has been adjusted by the measures we’ve taken. Read below what this new procedure is as long as these extra safety measures are in place.

How does the use of a lift work in case of the adjusted procedure? 
Many of our attractions have the option to reach the station by lift. In case of the adjusted procedure you are required to wait inside this lift until you are approached by a member of our staff at the station. This enables us to safeguard a 1.5 metre distancing measure.

Bekijk toegankelijkheid mindervaliden


Can I change my school trip or group booking?
It is possible to set a new date for your school trip or group booking. Contact us by email and we will look at the options to change your reservation. Given the current situation, your answer may take longer to arrive, however we try to answer your message as soon as possible.

Can I organize a children's party in Toverland?
It is possible to organize a children's party in Toverland. I can make a reservation online via: children's party Toverland. It is advisable to view the measures in advance via: A Safe Day Out Together.


Can I use catering at Toverland?
We have taken various measures to ensure a safe consumption and collection of meals at Toverland. Our terraces, for example, are organised based on the measures we’ve taken. Currently a takeaway is the only option, which in many cases will happen by using a buzzer. It may be possible that a number of our catering outlets have reduced their assortment and that a longer queue has to be taken into account, also because the 1.5 metre distancing measure has to be safeguarded. Read all safety measures: A Safe Day Out Together. 

Is The Flaming Feather open? 
It is possible to make a booking per household from 1 June 2020, with which we follow the national catering guidelines. Make an online booking via: booking form The Flaming Feather. 

Where can I read all your catering measures? 
You can find all our safety measures here: A Safe Day Out Together.